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Cogo Jade

C.J. Signature Wine Glass - Set of 2 LIMITED EDITION

C.J. Signature Wine Glass - Set of 2 LIMITED EDITION

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Enhance your table setting with elegance and sophistication using our C.J. Signature Glass. This exquisite glassware boasts a deep bowl design, perfect for allowing your guests to swirl their wine without the worry of spills.

Not only does it offer spill-proof functionality, but its dual bowl indentation also expertly unlocks the rich aromas of your wines, ensuring you savor the best of every sip. The extra-flat base adds unwavering stability, complementing the glass's slender, graceful stem.

The versatility of this all-purpose glass is unmatched – suitable for both red and white wines. Say goodbye to stocking multiple glass types; the C.J. Signature Glass simplifies your dining experience. Elevate your wine tasting rituals with this remarkable glassware.

Care: Dishwasher Safe

Size: 20.25oz

Material: Lead free crystal

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